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Amen Bank was founded in 1880 and previously known under the name of Crédit Foncier d’Algerie et de Tunisie. In 1970 the bank was purchased by the Ben Yeder group and took the name Amen Bank in 1995. It is now the second largest private sector bank in Tunisia, which allows it to offer numerous services. Along the lines of some French banks, Amen Bank offers services ranging from phone service to internet banking (the first in Tunisia).





Arab Tunisian Bank, based in Tunisia, was founded in 1982 through the merger of the branch of the Arab bank Tunis and the capital from a group of investors. Today, it stands as the third largest private bank in Tunisia. It aims to become the leader of the North African banking sector. The bank has significantly expanded its activities, whether for commercial banking or corporate banking. ATB has nearly 100 branches across the country and 12 subsidiaries.



Attijari Bank is a subsidiary of the Moroccan group, Attijariwafa Bank. The bank was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Tunis. This commercial bank has flourished in the Tunisian banking sector, where it offers a variety of services. Today, it has a network of nearly 170 branches and a workforce of 1,500 employees. It is striving to become the 2nd leading bank in Tunisia. It has a well developed international network through its Moroccan parent company.



Banque de l’habitat is a state-controlled bank (58%) that is based in Tunis. The bank is mainly involved in real estate loans, particularly through mortgages. It does operate as a retail bank as well offering deposit and savings accounts to its clients. The bank owns nearly 9% of the deposit market, which increases its business opportunities.




Banque de Tunisie is one of the oldest banks in Tunisia. It was established in 1884 in Tunis; therefore it has been offering its services for more than 125 years. It offers a large variety of services, but they are focused on a target market. It is a private commercial bank, which supports its clients and their projects for many years. Banque de Tunisie has over 90 branches and over 110 million Tunisian dinars in capital. It also has 7 subsidiaries. Finally, it is listed on the Tunisian stock exchange, giving it a strong foundation in the Tunisian economy.




Banque International Arabe de Tunisie, based in Tunis, was created in 1976 as a result of the merger between “la société Marseillaise de Crédit” and the “British bank of the Middle East.” It is one of the 30 largest banking groups in North Africa. Today, the Mabrouk group owns almost 40% of the bank. It is the largest private sector bank in Tunisia and has 120 branches across the country. As a private bank it has goals to expand internationally, across both Africa and Europe. BIAT is now the largest bank in Tunisia in terms of assets and has over 150 branches.





Banque Nationale Agricole is a state owned bank that was founded in 1959. This bank operates on multiple different levels of the economy. Although it will get involved with financial markets to obtain funding, more often it provides funding for businesses. It has 157 branches in Tunisia and its current assets stand at 160 million Tunisian Dinars. BNA also has 22 subsidiaries and has established many partnerships with banks, particularly with French banks.





Société Tunisienne de Banque was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in Tunis; it is the second largest state-controlled bank. In terms of clientele and the volume of loans granted, it is the largest bank in the country, controlling 20% of the market. This strong position gives it heavy influence on economic policies. It operates in financial markets internationally, mainly in Tunis. It has more than 100 branches and 300 subsidiaries.




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