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Banque de l'habitat du Sénégal, BHS or in English, “the Housing bank of Senegal” was established in 1979. It is a Senegalese bank that has its headquarters in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. It is best known for its services in real estate funding. BHS is the fourth largest bank after CBAO group, Attijariwafa bank, SGBS and BICIS. It has a capital of 5 billion francs CFA.


Le Crédit du Sénégal, founded in 1989, is also called “Credit Lyonnais Senegal” (CLS) due to its closed links to the French bank Credit Lyonnais. However, it became Credit du Senegal with the acquisition of Credit Lyonnais by Credit Agricole, one of the major banks in France. In 2008, it was acquired by Attuijariwafa Bank, a major financial institution in Morocco.



Banque internationale pour le commerce et l’industrie du Sénégal or BICIS was established in 1962 and has its headquarters in Dakar. It is owned by BNP Paribas, a major French bank since the merger of BNP and Paribas, which is one of the most important banks in the world, asset wise. BICIS is the third largest Senegalese bank after CBAO Group, Attijariwafa bank and SGBS. It has a workforce of around 450 employees.





La Banque Islamique du Sénégal or BIS, otherwise known as Massraf Fayçal al Islami, was created in 1983 and also has its headquarters in Dakar. It is best known for its deposit services and loan grants which conform to the laws of Islamic banking. It has more than 50 employees.



La Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole du Sénégal or CNCAS was created in 1984; its slogan stands as “the bank that shares your reality”. Its headquarters are located in Dakar like the majority of Senegalese banks. Its primary goals are mobilising savings, funding the activities of the primary sector and universal banking services. Its total assets stand at 2 300 000 000 francs CFA and it is the seventh largest bank in Senegal.



CBAO Groupe Attijariwafa bank is a Senegalese bank founded in 1853, which has its headquarters in Dakar. It is the largest Senegalese bank and is best known for being the oldest bank in West Africa. It is part of the Group Attijariwafa bank, the leading Moroccan financing society and the third in Africa. It has a total of 134 branches, which makes it the leading Senegalese bank in terms of the size of its branches’ network. It has around 135000 clients that are served by more than 1000 employees.



Citibank Sénégal arrived in Senegal in 1975 and is the name given to the Senegalese subsidiary of the American bank, Citibank. Its headquarters are located in Dakar. It offers banking services such as advice for leading Senegalese businesses through its expertise in investment.





La Société générale de banques au Sénégal or SGBS is a Senegalese bank founded in 1962. It is part of the Societe Generale, founded in 1864, which is one of the most notable and oldest banks in France. SGBS is the second largest bank in Senegal after CBAO Groupe Attijariwafa bank.



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