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Attijariwafa Banque, created in 1911, is the largest bank in Morocco. It is a part of Attijariwafa, the leading banking group in Africa. It was established through the merger between Wafa Bank and the Commercial bank of Morocco. As an international commercial bank, it maintains direct relationships with individuals around the world. It has developed internationally in Africa, in Senegal amongst other places. Its headquarters are located in Casablanca and the bank has more than 600 branches.




Banque Marocaine du commerce extérieur or BMCE Bank , founded in London, was the first Moroccan bank to be listed on the London exchange market. It is headquartered in Casablanca. This commercial bank is the 3rd leading bank in Morocco and a subsidiary of Finance Com. It has an international presence, mainly in Paris, London, and Tokyo. It has nearly 5,500 employees and 860 branches. BMCE is rapidly developing and offers more than 2,250 products to its clients, making it a benchmark to compare other Moroccan Banks.





Banque Marocaine pour le commerce et l’industrie or BMCI is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, the group owns more than 60% of BMCI. It is considered a standard of comparison bank in Morocco especially after the merger with ABN Amro. Its headquarters are located in Casablanca. It serves individuals as a traditional commercial bank. Some of its other services include insurance, mortgages, and investment advice.






Banque Populaire du Maroc, located in Casablanca and founded in 1961, is composed of 11 regional banks. It is the largest banking group in Morocco with more than 1,000 branches, 7,700 employees, and nearly 3 million clients. Its services are mainly dedicated to the market of retail banking and businesses. It operates as a cooperative bank. It is mainly focused on retail banking and businesses which make this group the leading retail bank in Morocco and also in the small and medium-sized business sector.





Crédit Agricole du Maroc started as a bank dedicated to provide funding for agricultural activities. Since the 90’s, the bank has re-orientated itself towards the funding of larger projects such as the food industry and the housing market.





Crédit du Maroc , created in 1929 and based in Casablanca, is a subsidiary of Credit Agricole, a major bank in France. Its three main activities are retail banking, investment banking and asset management. It has 270 branches in Morocco. The bank actively assists individuals to obtain financing for real estate purchases, making it a major player in the real estate market. It also offers other services such as checking and savings accounts.




Crédit Immobilier et Hôtelier was created in 1920 under the name “Caisse de prêt immobilier du Maroc” or in English “Mortgage and loans association in Morrocco”. The CIH changed its name after specializing in the hotel industry in 1967. It is a subsidiary of Caisse de dépôts et de gestion, another Moroccan financial institution. In addition to being a retail bank, it serves to grow and develop real estate and tourism. Today, it offers a diverse range of products and services and is operational in a number of fields.



Société Générale Maroc was established in 1913 under the name “Societe Generale Marocaine de Banque”; it then changed its name to what it is called now Societe Generale Maroc. The bank is headquartered in Casablaca and is a subsidiary of Societe Generale, one of the largest banking groups in Europe. With multiple subsidiaries, it provides banking and insurance services. More specifically, it is a retail bank that also sells sophisticated financial advice for wealth management. It has 340 branches and a total of 3,300 employees.


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